Monthly Spirit Forecast, December 2015

Deep healing of old wounds to bring about immense spiritual transformation.

When I go into a deep meditation with the intention to understand the energies for the upcoming month, I usually do so lying down, with my right hand over my sacral chakra, and my left hand over my heart chakra. Today, as soon as I “slipped under”, my hands went nuts!

I’ve never felt them vibrate and tingle as much as they did today, and the color of the energy emanating from my hands was a brilliant purple: the color of deep spiritual transformation.

Typically, I am blessed with a slew of beautiful images in my meditations before my sessions, but today it was all about my hands: they were transformed into healing hands. They still tingle as I type this.

I understood that December 2015 is slated to be an intense month in terms of our emotional and spiritual healing. We are staring a tremendous cosmic shift right in the face, and it’s going to impact every single one of us. It’s likely going to show up as emotional pain, because that’s how the Universe can typically get our attention for these kinds of things. You are about to be blessed with an incredible opportunity to do some major Karmic housecleaning.

I chose a different deck to illustrate this month’s message: the William Blake Tarot. Today, I pulled the Five of Music.

This card is a card of sorrow and losses. But, it is also about spiritual rebirth through that sorrow, when we shed the weight of the material burdens. The message of this card is that you will suffer loss; there is no avoiding that in life. But your choice is to let it take you down and leave you wanting, or let this material death be a gateway to Spiritual enlightenment, which will have you soaring.

The feelings, emotions, and triggers that are going to show up this month go back all the way to the beginning days of your life, and even seep over from other incarnations. This makes all kinds of sense with the timing of the Holidays, as much of the world is making the annual trek “back home”, where the emotional landscape is oh-so-treacherous.

But, of course, we always have free will: this month can be an opportunity for you to really move some heavy emotional trauma through and out for good, or simply cower through another bout of suffering without much to show for it.

Let me tell you exactly how you can take this emotional bull by the horns and turn this month into the greatest gift of the year:

The way through it is into it.

You’re likely going to be surprised by this bubbling up. Some emotions are going to show up that you had no idea were buried deep inside you, and they are going to slap you in the face.

Your first reaction is going to be to run; to stuff it; to look away! To not face what is crying out so desperately for your attention!

But look anyway. And sink in. Sink down into the trauma. Let it bubble up from deep inside your belly and wash over you; this is a physical sensation as well as an emotional one.

And please, my love…please refrain from judging yourself for your pain! You have to understand that all of this dense emotion coming up was formed before you could even speak. You are not to be blamed for what you’ve carried around with you. It simply is; it has no bearing whatsoever on your inherent goodness.

It doesn’t have to mean anything accept this: it’s time to let it go, so you can grow.

This is why the Buddhists say; “Life is Suffering”.   Because the other truth here is “Spirit is Love”. And through the suffering, you arrive at love. Our suffering is an option: one that we create for ourselves over and over again so we can make our way gently back to Love, back to Grace, back to Spirit. But, as you allow these old, bubbling feelings and thoughts to wash over you, they will gently recede back into the Universe, becoming just a file in your Akashic Record.

Spirit is holding your divine gift for you on the other side of this month. When you let this pain move through you, the truth of YOU will be revealed, and you’re gift will be to live that truth. And you living your truth gives back to the whole world. The world needs your gift.

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