Your invitation to join Bhava Prosperity

Did it! Here’s the invite. I hope you meet me here.  I would love to connect with you face-to-face and work with you deeply on your prosperity practice. You get 7 weeks of my support and community building for $37.

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Okay, I totally take it back about YouTube’s thumbnails. Jeeeeez.

As mentioned in the video, here are the 7 maxims of Bhava Prosperity that we will cover in depth over the next 7 weeks. I would so love to be a support for you, and welcome you into a community of like-minded beings, striving for the same expansion.  

The Maxims of Bhava Prosperity

Take (Energetic) Responsibility
Take Your Power Back
Feel Your Way In
Attitude of Gratitude
Practice, Practice, Practice
Making Room
The Company You Keep

7 weeks, deep work, $37.


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