Of love and loss


Love love love love love love…man, let that roll off your tongue a few times. The word tastes delicious and feels soft, like a roll of down in your mouth.

But what strikes me about love today is the human experience of love.

Or inexperience of love?

I mean real love. Unconditional love. Love without borders, love with no expectations of reciprocation. Love with no mind to the body, to the past, or to the future. Love in the now. Unadulterated love love love between your divine essence and the other divine essence.

That kind of love requires a letting go that humans are generally not prepared to roll into.

So, we suck at love?

And yet…AND YET, love is all we know. It’s all we are. It’s the stuff our cells are made up of, it’s what keeps us moving and living and laughing and crying and dying.

Love, and her evil twin: Loss.

But she’s not evil. She’s the identical twin of Love, only covered in dirt and grime. Give her a bath, stand her next to Love, and you can’t tell the two apart.

So humans know love. Deeply. Every day. Every constricted, restricted, confined, pining feeling and song is the dance with Loss.

Loss, who shares the exact same genetic makeup with Love.

Loss eventually takes your hand, and places it with Love. Creating the trinity, of you, of Loss, of Love. ♡

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