One-Way Ticket: a poem about your choice

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One-Way Ticket

‘It’s a one-way ticket to paradise’, he said.
‘You won’t want to come back,’ he assured.
He cocked his head, and toothed a grin
Nudging me toward the train.

I got to paradise, alright.
And paradise is dry.
And thirsty.  And a little bitter.

The train dropped me off in Mojave
Someone’s adobe idea
Of bone peace, I guess.

I wish I could get back to greener pastures
With moisture for my cracked lips
And barrels of rain for my raspy throat.

Promised me someone else’s dream
And they never wanted to leave.
‘It’ll be yours too,’ he said,
With a Grandfatherly wink.

So he offered me a one-way ticket
(which I took),
Because I believed…I believed.


Dean Koontz gets credit for this poem.  I started reading the Odd Thomas series yesterday, and his description of the Mojave desert is breathtaking – but I still think it sounds like a miserable place to live.

By the way, the book first Odd Thomas is excellent so far!  If you haven’t picked it up yet, be sure to!

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