Order of the day: vulnerability

Vulnerability. That’s the stuff of the day. More specifically, when and how we show up in our vulnerability

So, I’m a fan of vulnerability. I haven’t always been, but now, I can safely say, I like it, I believe in its power, and I usually advise people to be more vulnerable.

But there is also time when vulnerability is just not the order of the day. Sometimes, the best possible thing we can do for ourselves is to hide out, and not let the world in.

For example, when we are transforming. When we are turning our insides out and reordering our organs. We’re exposed, deeply, and any cut, intended or not, could make us bleed out.

Right now is that time for many people. And for others, that time has passed and it’s time to bear all, scars and rearranged parts.
Listen to your peace on this one: what action, or inaction, brings you peace. Not, what feels safe, but, what brings you peace. There’s a subtle difference there. Tune in to peace.

If you’re still twisted up in somersaults, stay behind the curtain. It’s okay, you’re time onstage is still scheduled. But take no shame in doing warm-ups behind the scenes.

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