Pain is how the Universe gets our attention

Don’t get me wrong: this does not mean that suffering is a requirement. It’s not. It is absolutely a choice. Every moment of suffering is a choice we make, as is each moment of joy.

And yet, all at once, it’s how Spirit prods us along, attempting to cajole us into our fullest expression, push us off the cliff so we soar in our power, and light us up in our most divinely human authenticity.

And it works. Eventually. 😜

But, we could just step into that glory of God and circumvent the whole messy process.

But humans, ya know…I guess it’s an innate part of the physical experience that we’re a little lazy about enlightenment.

So we unconsciously and divinely work in partnership with Spirit to put in place some red hot prods to get is MOVING.

But, if you want, right now, you can choose to step out of the herd, and instead of being pushed and poked and burned, you can walk side by side with Divine Spirit.

In joy. In appreciation. In love. In divinity.

Either way you want to do it is totally okay. There’s not right or wrong inside of creation. You can go back and forth, if you want to. Change it up! Spirit loves spontaneity.

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