Piano – a poem for Mark

pianoThere’s hesitation in your fingers.

Halting, careful.  Treading thin.

Elton John is at one shoulder
I’m at the other.

(It’s ok.
You can play).

Cracking, for a moment
Your voice rises.

Just a little
And fingers maybe glide

Sing with Elton:

‘You see I’ve forgotten
If they’re green or blue’

(definitely blue).

And then you shift
To a New York State of Mind

With Billy Joel at your back.
Chaos in harmony.

Now you’ve cocked a grin,
A sideways glance at me:

(Hello, my love).

Feeling it now,
Fingers dashing, body rocking.

That’s when you and Randy
Take me to Louisiana.

‘They’re trying to wash us away.’

(To Cape Arago)?


It was kind of like this.

We stepped out of time,
And danced along the edge of forever.

Like we do.

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