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About The Pocket Ministry

Hello, I’m Ingrid Turner, and I’m the one who launched the Pocket Ministry in response to this wild new paradigm!

Our Pocket Ministry is a newly-forming collective for those committed to ushering in this new age. We are forming in order to come together and change the world.

Our ministry is available anywhere you are – access the community through our mobile app or your email.

Pledged members of the Pocket Ministry receive a slew of spiritually and practically relevant support that you can radiate out into your own world.

Consistent, weekly guidance and inspiration straight to your phone

Here’s what you can expect each week:

  • divine transmissions and spiritual missions to help usher in this new age
  • near-daily spirit bytes directly to your phone or email
  • classes on intuition, channeling, divination, and more, plus lectures, interviews, and panel discussions, and my meditations
  • a community forum where you can ask questions, share inspiration, and give feedback
  • discounts for deeper, more intimate work with me, if that’s where you want to go

The time is now. The future is here.

Let’s change the world. 

“I love Ingrid’s ability to speak truth so clearly, in a way I understand.”Vicki R.

Our New Paradigm Changes Everything

Not the least of which our financial reality. That’s why I’m operating on the Pledge-What-You-Can Monthly Membership model. Seriously, anything over a buck each month and you’re in. No one is going to be left out of this Ministry if you feel it calling your heart.


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