Podcast: Connection with Spirit through Healing Energy

Ingrid Show BannerEverything seen and unseen is made up of energy, which we are learning scientifically can be manipulated in surprising ways. Spiritual practitioners understand this inherently, and work seamlessly with the energies around them. In fact, energy is one way by which we commune with Divine Spirit.  Ingrid Turner and Anthony Rodriguez, Certified Healing Practitioner, discuss energy healing, what it is, how to do it, and how the work has impacted both their lives.


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DSC_4362About your host, Ingrid Turner:

Ingrid Turner is a Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Coach, and diviner. She connects with loved ones, spirit guides, spiritual energies, and the higher self to help her clients heal, connect with their authentic spiritual path, and live in their power. She also runs coaching programs for individuals and groups, where she helps outside-the-box seekers connect with Spirit directly, and build their own spiritual structures.


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