Rethinking the ‘Old Soul’

Are You An Old Soul?How old are you? Are you a new soul? Are you a young soul? Or are you an old soul? I bet you’re an old soul. Or at least, I bet you identify as an old soul. I’m sure you’ve been told many times that you are an old soul. Your eyes have depth and distinction. You are a spiritual being, having a human experience. You’ve read a bunch of the “How to Tell if You’re an Old Soul” articles around the web, and you meet all the criteria. You may have played in the baser elements of our world, in search for your wisdom. But you found it, because you’re an old soul, and you came out of all that, stepping into your rightful place among the Old Soul elite on this planet.

Meh. I’m taking all those new, young, and old souls and scraping them off the discussion table. There they are: on the floor, scattered, cracked and broken.

Wait now! Don’t walk off in huff. You might cut your feet on those jagged soul edges. And besides, I really want you to hear me out.

I posit that there are no age delineations among any of us at a soul level.

Firstly: the facts.

Linear time is an illusion. This is a scientific fact. It does not exist. Therefore, there cannot really be any such thing as new, young, or old.

Nearly all the Spiritual tenets of the world agree to one degree or another that we are expressions of God. God Consciousness has no age; so if we are all God, and time is an illusion, we cannot be measured against God in a linear “age” fashion. We are existence, and have always been, and always will be existence.

So how can we claim our soul has an age?

More about God’s Experience

I received this information over a number of conversations with my Guide, and I’ve been chewing on it for some time. During my chew, I’ve heard similar pieces from a number of sources, which has helped me solidify this message in a more intellectual manner.

For example, Dr. Crimi, my meditation and Martial Arts teacher at the Hikari Ryuza Center describes us as “God’s Fingers”: God experiencing itself through us. I love that.

Neale Donald Walsch, in his book ‘Conversations with God’, touches on a piece of this.

“The point of life is not to get anywhere—it is to notice that you are, and have always been, already there. You are, always and forever, in the moment of pure creation. The point of life is therefore to create—who and what you are, and then to experience that” – Conversations with God, pg 104Are You An Old Soul 2?

We are essentially a piece of God experiencing itself, so that we can know ourselves, and then understand ourselves.

To me, this takes all the judgment out of whatever expression me or the next person is living in. God is experiencing all of it. There’s no such thing as a good or bad experience, no such thing as a good or bad piece of God Consciousness.  It simply is.

So, if we are God experiencing itself, we are God. Therefore, the whole notion of young, old, higher, or lower, better, or worse, naturally makes less and less sense. It’s a hierarchy we have used to some effect, but one that no longer makes sense as we enter into a more enlightened age. Let’s do away with that whole pre-judgment and see where we stand.

What does it all mean, then?

If we aren’t growing up, aiming for a goal, or passing a test, what the ever-loving hell are we doing here?


Calm down, now.

(Oh wait, that’s me. Okay, I’m calm.)

Here’s what I’ve got:

  1. Linear time does not exist, so every single moment is happening simultaneously.  And at once, the only moment this particular form of consciousness is experiencing is the one we are in, right now.
  1. We are God-beings who love to learn. We want to be here, experiencing every single piece and aspect of every moment of our lives, over and over again in moment after moment until it is…perfected.
  1. This doesn’t so much mean that we do it over and over again until we get it “right”, although that’s what drives us to experience the same moment over and over again; but, rather, until we experience every facet of that moment, thus, perfecting the experience.

As an example, think of the last difficult conversation you had with another person. Think about how it actually went for the two of you, and think about some of the ways you would like it to have gone differently.

What would you have said or done differently?

What way would you have liked the other person to react and respond?

That moment is not perfected, and our consciousness will continue to experience that moment in another moment until we experience it completely and perfectly.

It’s like the multiverse theory, but my sense is that set of theories doesn’t quite cover the divine magnitude of this discussion.

Now expand this topic out to include reincarnation, and you can understand that vastness of our experiences! Especially because it is happening all at once!

Reincarnation is a misnomer. How about a new term: multi-carnation? 🙂

A more honest, rigorous spiritual tenet.

This has been a very long way of telling you that there are no new souls, or young souls, or even old souls. Just experiences. Fear experiences. Love experiences. We’re a huge pool of identical beings.

I do not pretend to have received all the answers. My sense is that I get pieces of Truth. I don’t know that my human brain could fathom the whole perfect, divine mess. I’m just so grateful for what I am able to receive and understand.

I find that tossing the whole Soul Age theory out the window has been a great relief, as well as a more rigorous spiritual tenet. Every soul we encounter is the same as us: no better, no worse, merely operating in a different expression, operating at the same or a different vibrational rate. Understanding this truth gives me the responsibility to withhold judgment, and interact with all beings with love and compassion, no matter what their expression.

And you know what? That applies to you too. Try withholding judgment and having compassion for yourself in each of these human moments.

Spirit gives us all pieces.  We just have to learn to listen again.

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