Rings – a poem


You didn’t put a ring on it
Because your ring was around my heart
And my ring was around your heart.

And baby,
When we came together in that embrace
We clasped so tight
Those rings, they fused together
And our hearts,
They started to beat together

And when you got sick
I got sick too.
You lay in that hospital bed
And I said
This hurts me, baby,
My heart’s in pain.
            You may not die!

And you hoarsed
                       You can’t tell me what to do any more.
                                                                                                But I love you.’

 And then you died.
After all I demanded,
After all I begged
                        This hurts!’


And our hearts were still fused together
And while yours had stopped,
                        Mine was still beating.

 Our hearts are still held together with rusty rings
And now I’m pumping that sick
All through my body
And I’m dying
            I’m dying
                        Without the satisfaction of death.

Because baby.
            My heart’s fused with a dead man’s.

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