Says this tarot card reader: the cards are not magic.

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william blake tarotTarot cards are not magic.  They are 78 cards with pretty pictures on them.  I’m not superstitious; inanimate objects don’t have powers.

Actually, we’re the magic: you and me, sitting across from each other, locking energies and engaging in an intimate psychic conversation.  The cards are between us, acting as a message board, or a translator, if you will, for the information that’s coming to us from our subconscious, and sometimes, the superconscious.

We have three mind “levels” we operate from: the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and superconscious mind.  Most of us operate in our conscious mind the majority of the time.  This is, of course, our logical brain where we process information on the physical plane: the certainties in life, like death and taxes. Our subconscious mind is where we access our intuition, and begin the process of manifesting our reality on the physical (conscious) plane.  We all have access to the subconscious.  Some people are more naturally in tune, and others work a little harder, but we can all get there.  The superconscious mind – now that is the God-Self.  This is where we recognize ourselves as the Infinite – as God.

You and I will likely stay on the conscious and subconscious levels, making magic and painting with the tarot.

So if the cards aren’t magic, why do we need them?  The cards are a way to capture psychic information, and present it in a way that is understandable for both of us. Really talented tarot readers are highly intuitive: they combine intense study of tarot divination with intuitive hits, and tell you a complete story.  On your end, it can be easier to hear a psychic message that’s pulled “out of thin air” if it’s depicted from a trusted mystical source, like the tarot.  The cards also give you something tangible to relate to, something you can look at and touch as you hear the reader speak, helping cement the message further.  You can think of the tarot as a container for the message.  Really, anything can be a container: tealeaves, a crystal ball (yes, for real!), runes, and so on.  Whatever container an intuitive chooses to use, you’re getting a full psychic reading.

The tarot is a rich and beautiful study. I use the cards to support my readings, and help a seeker examine a multitude of angles around a situation, or life in general.  The tarot can be used as a sounding board for examining personality (know thyself!), exploring the psyche, identifying patterns and blocks that no longer serve you, and showing you what the current path holds for you.  Armed with information from a good reading, you can become an active participant in your life, and start to regain creative control.  You have more ability than you know to create the life of your dreams (and on the flipside, create a nightmare). Tapping into the Universe shows you how to create with love, and being a witness to that is the best part of my day.



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