The Living in Partnership with Spirit show explores different themes, topics, and paths to living in partnership with Divine Spirit. It explores the many ways in which human beings communicate and experience divine spirit in their daily lives. The show host and guests will talk about their experiences, their spiritual work, and answer questions from callers.

Living in Partnership with Spirit means to commune with the Divine. It means living from a place of feeling and intuition. I means living with less anxiety. It means living with more certainty. Ultimately, living in partnership with Spirit means living your highest purpose in this body, on this planet.

Join our bustling spiritual community and interact with us every week on the live broadcast!
Tuesdays at 11am, PST.

About your host, Ingrid Turner:

Ingrid Turner is a spiritual channel, a mystic, and teacher. She channels her own guide, Monz, and connects with yours, the spiritual energies surrounding you, your loved ones, and your higher self to help you heal, connect with your authentic spiritual path, and live in your power. She is the Founding Minister at the Bhava Spiritual Mission, where she helps outside-the-box seekers connect with Spirit directly, and build their own spiritual structure.

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Join Ingrid Turner and Monika Carless on the LIPWS show November 21st.

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Past Shows

Creation, The Human Experience, and Channeling with Lou

Ingrid talks to to us about Creation, the meaning of it all, and how the human experience plays in to the God experience.  Lou brings us home with a divinely channeled message from his guide. Watch the full episode.


The Masculine and Feminine, How to Live Your Authenticity

Ingrid and Amanda meet on cultural programming, and discuss the masculine and feminine along with living your moat authentic life. Watch the full episode.


Panel: Transformation

Ingrid is joined by Ian Morris, Anna Kowalska, and Anthony Rodriguez to talk about transformation – the secret about your life falling to pieces, and what that means for your ultimate life. Watch the full episode.


Happiness and the Spiritual, Human condition

This week, Ingrid goes into happiness, what it is, and how it fits into the human experience.  Watch the show here. 


Desire and Heart Based Living

This week, Ingrid kicks us off talking about DESIRE and spirituality.  The second half of the show, Ingrid brings on spiritual messenger Yale Bowman to talk about heart centered living. Watch the show