Something about Resistance

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Happiness is on the other side of suffering. Or, more accurately, the acceptance of suffering.

Yes, you are meant to live blissfully, happily, divinely drunk.

But you don’t jump straight to it. You get to it by walking through your pain.

That means feeling all of it. Not resisting. Feeling.

And at the bottom of that pain sits your bliss.

Buddha says, life is suffering.

Yes. Because beyond life is nirvana.

And nirvana is attained by sinking, not swimming.

Let every feeling envelope you. Surround you.

Bask in your happiness, and, in the next moment, if you need to, melt into despair.

As each feeling comes, allow yourself to be swept up in the feeling.

Not the thought: the feeling.

Witness, experience. The mind resists, the heart accepts completely.

The acceptance is the path.

Yes, I’m sure of this: we are meant to exist intoxicated on the divine.

But the path inside you, into the kingdom of God, takes you through the full spectrum of emotions and experiences.

Resisting is not experiencing.

Spirit asks that you simply experience your way to bliss.

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