Soulmatic Renewal Intensive + Retreat, Maui!

A 4 week intensive followed by 4 days, 3 nights on Maui

Change everything.

Let’s talk about Soulmatic Renewal

Well hello, gorgeous.

If you’re here, you’re ready to change everything.

What I mean is, you’re ready to expand into your highest expression. You’re ready to face yourself in a new way, with a strong community and an ever steady guide.

You’re ready to take the trek down into self love, and stay there for the rest of your life.

You’re ready to feel your wings emerge from closed buds and expand into something majestic and soaring.

Soulmatic Renewal is my process for guiding you more deeply into your human experience so that you can step fully into a purposeful life.

The process is simple, but not always easy: we use the body as a container to move through years of stuck energy and emotions, and help you close the door on sticky points you may not even be aware of that are only sabotaging your next level expansion.

What to expect during our time together

My Soulmatic Renewal Intensive + Retreat is unique in that we preclude our long weekend in Maui with 4 weeks of one-on-one work and group work.

The deep work we do together means that you can spend the long weekend in Maui integrating your healing experiences, breaking open with a community you already feel safe with, and rejuvenating completely and totally.


May 1: Intensive work begins

You and I will meet one-on-one each week, and we’ll meet as a group each week – so you’re committing to two hours per week for the 4 weeks leading up to our retreat. Exact scheduled will be determined by the group before we begin.

May 29: Gather in Maui

We’ll all be staying together at a gorgeous villa at that the Hale Akua Farm and Eco-Retreat on Maui. Our first evening will be spent preparing dinner and I will facilitate our final group meeting in person.

May 30 – June 1: Retreat like never before

We’ll provide a schedule closer to the retreat date, but know that these elements are on the docket:

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Intuition development
  • Time for solitude and reflection
  • Sound healing
  • Holotropic breath work
  • Readings + energy healing
  • Creative time
  • Community meal prep
  • Massage

Logistics and gotta knows

Here’s what’s included in your experience:

  • 4 week intensive with Ingrid: one-on-one work and group work
  • 4 days, 3 nights stay at the Hale Akua retreat center
  • Community meals
  • Dorm style sleeping arrangements
  • All retreat activities

What you’re responsible for:

Price: $2,500

Are you getting a full body YES for this?

Check in with yourself. Is it a full body yes? Feel for the energy that says “I’m ready to change everything.”

SAVE NOW! Pay in full today and join our Soulmatic Renewal Intensive + Retreat for $2,300 (regular price $2,500).

Need a little more time? We can make payment arrangements. Email me to discuss what is available.

Looking forward to creating some magic with you.



Ingrid and Skye talk about the Soulmatic Renewal process, and the impact of the last intensive + retreat
Ingrid Turner is a mystic, entrepreneur, author, dynamic leader, teacher, poet, artist, and mother. She is the founder of the Bhava Spiritual Mission.

Working with Ingrid

“Soulmatic renewal can bring you to a place where magic happens.”
– Harmony P.


“Ingrid is the REAL DEAL! She has the experience to guide you through a life transformation that will kickstart you to your next level no matter where you feel you are.”
– Ian T.


“A few sessions with Ingrid surpassed my expectations, vastly exceeding progress made with medical practitioners.”
– Yvonne M.


“I’m eternally grateful to her for healing of myself, my family, and yes, I’m going to say it… the world.”
– Rebecca B.


“I am beyond confident that Ingrid and Soulmatic Renewal can help you facilitate the change you desire. Way beyond.”
– Yvonne M.


“This program has changed my life in so many ways. My future has become my own and I am making it what I want it to be! Love you Ingrid.”
– Celeste B.


“You are a fierce leader and teacher pushing us past our own blocks and leading by example and never judging our missteps nor dark sides.”
– CB


“Ingrid has provided a safe space, a sacred container with loving guidance and non judgment which has allowed me to be completely vulnerable and raw so that I could heal at the deepest level.”
– C. Best


“I highly, highly recommend this program. Commit and invest in yourself. You are worthy and you are worth it!”
– M.G.


“I can’t even express the massive changes that have happened in my life since saying yes!”
– Mary R.


“She has shown me a new way of being.”
– Rebecca B.

Soul Food

Ingrid really helped SHOW me HOW to take my energy out of my head space and turn my energetic attention towards the feeing I want to work with. Prior to this my method was like many others… overthink and work myself into a stress frenzy.

– Nicole H., Seattle, WA.

Refund Policy:

You are entitled to a full refund less $500 non-refundable deposit if you cancel your attendance before April 1st, 2020.

You are entitled to a 50% refund less $500 non-refundable deposit if you cancel your attendance between April 1st and May 1st, 2020. 

You are entitled to a 25% refund less $500 non-refundable deposit if you cancel your attendance between May 1st and June 1st 2020. 

By booking the Maui Soulmatic Renewal Intensive + Retreat, you agree to the above terms and conditions.