Spirit Forecast November 2015

Hello beautiful! Happy November to you!

Here to give you the Spirit Forecast for November.  Watch the video, or read the transcript below.

What I’ve done this month is connect with my Spirit Guide, and then draw a Tarot card from the Rider Waite deck in order to clarify the message for the month. This morning, I found myself in meditation walking barefoot along a dirt path: I could feel the dirt was damp, and it was packed tightly, like it had been walked on many times by many feet. I was surrounded by trees, and had this happy, adventurous sense of making my way home.  After my meditation, I shuffled my deck and turned the card on top over, and what came up is the six of swords.

Now, in October the energies were alive with new beginnings. Energetically, we started to explore areas in our lives that we’d never really touched on before, especially around our interactions and energetic exchanges with others, and the six of swords here follows that theme nicely.

Six Swords for iMovieNow for November: swords represent our mind, and in numerology, the number six is about love and closeness: using our relationships to build stability, and then growing through cooperation. So the six of swords is defined as moving from a bad situation to a good situation. Since swords are all about the mind, this means that we are moving into a new way of thinking about our life situation in relation to relationships. It always in the mind.

This month, you can expect your traditional viewpoints and opinions to be challenged – by you! As you step forward this month into these new shoes, you’ll feel a little wobbly on your feet, so to speak. You have new ways of thinking about the world around you, new understandings of the people and situations that show up in your life.

I’ll tell you now: move forward with confidence. Even when you don’t feel it, when you feel like a fraud for this mental 180, I implore you to trust, trust, trust. Trust Spirit, and you just can’t go wrong. You’re meant to change, and grow, and that process can be sticky. But move forward anyway. Even when it all seems so very backwards. I promise you, you’re going in the right direction.

Thank you for allowing me to be the container from which you receive the message from Spirit.  It’s my honor to facilitate this for you.

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Thanks again for tuning in, and Happy Thanksgiving, lovely!

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