Spirit Forecast, October 2015


Hello lovelies!

A very happy October 2015 to you, and happy Autumn!  I’m so excited about this witchiest of witchy months that I pulled out my favorite knit cap.  Of course, I’m in California, and it’s still 80 degrees here, but hey!  Any excuse to embrace the season with cutesy fall attire, amiright?

I’m here to give you the Spirit Forecast for October.  So what does that mean?  These are global energy messages I receive from my Spirit Guide, and what I do with these messages is help you understand how it can affect you on a personal level.

This month, I put together the visions I received clairvoyantly with a Tarot card to paint a complete picture: What I received this morning was a vision in my meditation of walking right off of a cliff.  The feeling that accompanied this image was one of newness and exhilaration, with a tinge of fear and uncertainly.  Unsurprisingly, when I pulled a card using the traditional Rider Waite Tarot Deck to clarify my vision, I turned over The Fool.

0 the foolThe Fool Tarot represents a powerful new beginning.  It’s part of the suit of Major Arcana, which means that the global forecast this month is a powerful Karmic time for the world, and for you personally.  This is a time of shedding our old way of living and perceiving, and taking off in a completely new direction.  In fact, the card shows the man walking right off a cliff!

Here’s the thing about this new start: it’s almost involuntary.  You are heading in a new direction in your life not because you feel like you should, or even because you want to, but because you feel pulled, compelled, even.  It feels like a pull from your abdomen.  Listen to that pull, even if you don’t understand the direction.   That’s your intuition, your power center, and it will not steer you wrong.

A lot of this Beginning energy has to do with money, energetic exchanges around services, and helping others and receiving help from others.  It’s time to look again at how you’ve been behaving in your exchanges with others, and feel into how you want to start anew in that area of your life.

This is, of course, a general energetic reading.  I would love to connect with you personally and explore just how this is showing up in your life.

Hugs and loves to you my loves! And Happy Halloween!





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