Spiritual Energies July 10 – July 16

Spiritual Energies Week of July 10th – July 16th

This week begins and ends strong, with just a couple of bumps in the road. The overarching theme this week is YOU CHOOSE. Not, “you always have a choice” – but something stronger than that. YOU CHOOSE is what reverberates in my head as I type this. We are such powerful beings, masterfully or not creating our reality, experience by delicious experience. Today in particular, you are called to remember: YOU CHOOSE.

The shadow side of choice can in be in clinging to a choice you made that no longer applies. It happens. We make choices, they feel right, or we think they’re right, or someone tells us they are right, and then we discover, through our intuitive little bellies, that they aren’t right at all. Tuesday is a day to evaluate the choices YOU have made, and decide whether those choices are still the right choice for you. It’s not about making a wrong choice. We don’t really make wrong choices. Good and bad, right and wrong, these are man-made concepts and have no place in the spiritual energies this week. The question is, do these choices WORK for you? The difficult part of this will be letting go of what your heart knows you need to release, but the ego may have a different take. When you feel resistance, anxiety, or any upset showing up in the evaluation of your choices, know that this is the ego, working to keep you small. Drop that energy down into your heart. Make the next choice from that place. Right there. That’s where your God-self is physically located in your body.

Wednesday brings a tremendous availability of personal power. You also have a better sense of sight today. You can see the long view, so take note of it. Because it goes away on Thursday. Wednesday is a day to flex your muscles and feel your power. You’ll feel extra sexy today. You’ll lead with more pizzazz, light up the room a little brighter when you enter. Nothing wrong with this. The energies are conducive to this because they are showing you what you always carry with you anyway. But it does mean the pendulum will swing back the other way.

Thursday you’ll find your anxieties want to bubble up to the surface. Don’t ignore these, but don’t exactly take them at face value either. Your intuition is heightened today, but because your mind is constantly trying to translate and analyze all of the information it takes in, you’re spinning. This is because the mind doesn’t have a pre-defined box for intuitive insight. There’s no mental translation for feelings and energy. So what your brain does is put that information in the first box it can find, and it’s usually a panicky one. So when you start to feel anxious, you’re getting some useful intuitive information. Remember what I said about the heart earlier? Drop that anxious feeling into your heart, and you’ll get the message loud and clear. Trust yourself, ok? This wouldn’t be happening in the first place if you weren’t already such an intuitive beastie.

Friday is uncomfortable for the busy bees among us. You want to be working, and moving towards your goals, and feeling accomplished, and you’ll find yourself blocked on this front. There’s no getting around it: you really can’t make a whole lot of movement forward until more information comes to light for you. So you might as well carve out some peace and quiet and enjoyment for the day. Take care of little day-to-day tasks, but leave the heavy hitting for another day.

I love the weekend though. You’re going to start to see some of your fondest dreams become cemented in reality. And honey, it is gonna make you soooooo happy. Enjoy it.

Because remember: YOU CHOOSE.

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