Spiritual Energies July 17 – July 24

Massive. Changes. Afoot.

Holy moly, has anyone else been FEELING this?? The last few days, I have been all kinds of off balance, because that’s the way I feel the energy. I’m experiencing nausea, which is like my body trying to catch up with my spirit. Everything has slowed down, and yet continues to expand incessantly. When I tune in, I can hear the energy. It rumbles, like an avalanche in the distance. And we’re not there yet! This is all prep. This is intense. And this is freaking wonderful. I can’t wait to see how this transpires in my life, and hear about it in yours! This is a leveling up, people. Leveling UP! How exciting. And stressful. Whenever the energies move like this, our routines take a nose dive, funds dry up, roadblocks get thrown up, and all sort of chaos can ensue, depending on how your individual energies are interacting with the global ones.

I’ll get into the day-by-day play in a minute, but overall, this week continues to rumble. Lots of ups and down in activity during the week, and just as things get clear, BAM! The wave is gonna break. The water will recede. And you’ll see what goodies have washed up on the beach for you.

Okay, let’s break this down, shall we?

Monday, you keep turning over the same soil. It can feel relentless, when you’re ready to move on to the next phase of your project or life. But hang in there. There’s more for you to uncover. Some things still need perfecting. Keep spinning your web, you’re going to need that strong foundation.

Tuesday asks us to go within, suspending outer actions. If you try and push forward on a project, expect to be stonewalled every step of the way. Spirit is gently but insistently putting you back in the timeout corner, because Spirit needs to talk to you, and can’t get a word in edge-wise with all that racket and activity. So take a breath. Let yourself get quiet and hear the words of wisdom being whispered at your heart. You’ll thank me for this, I promise.

If you can get quiet on Tuesday, you can ramp it up on Wednesday. The energetic pendulum swings back, and if you hit the ground running, it’ll be like a wind at your back, pushing you forward towards your goals and desires at breakneck speed.

And that energy continues on Thursday, with increasing clarity.

By Friday, you’re going to have a really clear picture of what lies ahead for you. Even if you can’t define the form yet, you’ve the feel of the energy, and you like it! Hold that vision. Trust that vision. You have incredible sight today.

The weekend is it folks. Saturday, I want you to remember, to understand, that when things fall apart, it’s because it’s making way for the new, the improved, the best. Depending on how much baggage you’ve been carrying with you, Saturday is the day when you’ll be cleaning house. Lots of stuff could be coming up for you. Lots of changes inside and outside. Your best bet will be to ride the wave, and let the pieces fall where they may. You don’t have control right now. Your commitment to Spirit has given the Universe permission to make room for Spirit, and if you’re hanging on to things that don’t jive with that, out they go.

This chaos is, gratefully, short lived. Sunday, after that mass clearing the day before, gives you a new lease on life, I feel. You’ve got a new start here. A powerful new start. And the courage to take the first step.

It’s a whopper right now. Wowsa. You know where to find me. <3 www.ingridhturner.com

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