Spiritual Energies July 24 through July 30

I’m not going to lie or sugar coat: this is a tough week.  You know why?  Because this last week, some really deep and dark things came up for review.  You’ve had a chance to look at these things, begin to accept these things, and begin to turn them over to show that silver lining.

By “things” I mean:


Hidden motives, even hidden from yourself.




Even the hate you hold in a small place in your heart.

None of these things make you a terrible person. We’ve ALL got our shadows, and it’s just as divine as that bright white light piercing through your heart. In fact, if you’ve been seeing these difficult aspects in yourself, it’s because it’s time to excise the darkness.  But that doesn’t happen just by noticing.  That happens with action.

This week, the Gods are manifesting your fears in front of your face, because you have, deep in your most divine self, asked for the opportunity to stare down and conquer these little goblins that have been holding you back from your highest expression.  You’ve asked for it, my love, because now, you CAN.  So even though I’m telling you that this week you’re in for some sh*t, have faith.  Stand strong.  You would not face these things unless you had the capability to stare down the beast and reign supreme.

So, let’s look at this day-by-day:

Monday, the 24th, shows up all around team work.  How are you playing with others?  Are you a team player, or a lone wolf, bucking the in-it-all-together dynamic?  Neither way is wrong or bad, but you’re going to be shown what’s working for you and what’s not, and have the opportunity to shift things around on your end.  There’s a good opportunity to manifest some moola here, through the efforts of a joyous team.

Tuesday you’re going to want to give yourself a break, ok?  We’ve got a lot of energy stirring at the end of the week, and you worked hard on Monday.  So, wherever you can, give yourself some space.  Solitude will be beneficial for you, darling.  Any time you can drop in to meditation, prayer, or whatever form of connection with the divine that suits you, this will be a day where it comes easily.  Take advantage of that energy!

Wednesday I’m seeing things start to get sticky.  Depending on where you are at in your letting go process, you’ll have a harder or easier time with the issue being somewhat forced today.  That which no longer serves you MUST fall now.  This is huge.  For you.  This is an incredible new turning over, a potentially new direction in your life that will provide you such happiness and fulfillment.  Your part is to have the courage to LET GO and LET GROW.  And that can be hard.  Really hard.  I get it, I really do.  So, do it this way: let go just one moment at a time.  You don’t have to do it all at once.  Just let it go for the moment.  When it comes roaring back into your consciousness, let it go again, just for the moment.  This will lay a foundation for you, and before you know it, you will have emotionally released what is trying to leave your life, for your highest good.

Thursday is a nice day for the busy bodies following us here.  There’s a straight, concerted energy that will have you flying and meeting goals and objectives at a clip.  There is a certain high to be experienced today.  A lightning bolt of inspiration could hit you.  Communication will be crisp and clear.  You’ll feel like you’re really making some headway after the last two days of mental and emotional withdrawal.

Friday is the day that made me cringe this week.  See, the shadow work actions that the Universe has cooked up for you kick off the weekend.  That will show up differently for each of you, but the energy is one of defensiveness and dissent.  The phrase “haters gonna hate” loops in to mind, ha!  When we emerge from our chrysalis, we are at our most vulnerable.  It is the divine duty of some people to catch us at this vulnerable stage and throw our fears and anxieties, and darkest shame and inadequacies back in our face, so that we may complete the process of BECOMING.  The job of the people and circumstances that show up for us in this fashion is deeply divine.  While we want to throw our pain on the beings who enact this kind of lesson on us, and be angry, and fearful, and blaming, the deeply divine truth is, these are the close members of our soul tribe who came to us in this lifetime to help us deeply transform.  That does not mean you need to have a relationship with these people in this body – it rarely works that way.  Just know that, ultimately, on a soul level (not a physical level, generally) these circumstances comes from great love.

The difficult energy, and manifestation of difficult experiences on Friday now force us inward again, and Saturday and Sunday are spent returning to self-evaluation, and, what I hope for you, a renewed sense of self love, and acceptance of the forces in your life working for your greatest benefit.  Always.  Even when it’s falling apart.  ESPECIALLY when it’s falling apart.

I love you. Find me if you need me, okay?

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