Spiritual Progression vs. Spiritual Expansion

We get so stuck in linear thinking, even though it’s a complete fallacy. Nothing in the Universe is linear, but for whatever reason, this is the way most of us humans are stuck thinking about things.

But I’ll tell you where this linear thinking really has no place, and that is in our spirituality. That’s why we tend to use phrases like “progression” and “evolution”. These phrases make us think forward movement, or upward movement. But Spirit is EVERYWHERE, man. Our spiritual path includes all of it – up, down, sideways, backwards – as we walk our path (again, forward movement, but, agh, language is hard), we are EXPANDING on all levels (look, more linear language!)

It’s a whole 3D experience, our spirituality. That’s why I call it expansion, not progression. When I’m shown “creation”, I see a cosmic-colored cloud expanding and exploding at phenomenal speeds. And this is us – granular manifestations of the biggest creation process, spiritually expanding, expanding, expanding.

And the best part is, there’s no end to our expansion. There’s no destination. Because once we reach our “full potential”, that potential expands again, and then our expression of that potential expands. It’s just big. And luscious. And fun!

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