Welcome to Soulmatic Mentoring

“This program has changed my life in so many ways. My future has become my own and I am making it what I want it to be! Love you Ingrid.”Celeste B.

What is Soulmatic Renewal?

The Soulmatic Renewal Program is the process of integrating your deepest traumas and wounds so that you can start doing your advanced soul work – by that, I mean step fully, completely, assimilated, and targeted into your power, so you can go about the business of saving the world.

We are here for the full human experience, but we rob ourselves of that experience by not being willing or able to feel our feelings when they come up. This results in triggers, which are our over-the-top emotional responses to certain situations. What we then do is create a mental story to keep us out of that emotional experience. My job is to help you disconnect from that story and guide you into your emotional and somatic experience – maybe for the first time.

Once you have that full body emotional experience – and we revisit it if we need to for the deeper wisdom – you are done with it. It no longer produces a trigger to try and bring you back into that experience, and so the ego does not feel the need to create a story that keeps you spinning in loops, and ultimately self-sabotaging.

The Soulmatic Renewal technique is simple: it requires you to let go of the mental story around your triggers and traumas, and feel your feelings completely. Although it is simple, it does take vigilance – and commitment.

“You are a fierce leader and teacher pushing us past our own blocks and leading by example and never judging our missteps nor dark sides.”CB

Here’s who this program is for:

You are on a mission. You understand (for the most part) what you are put on this earth to do, and you’re eager as hell to expand into your highest expression through your passions. You’re completely ready to let go of your stories, to dismantle your ego identity, and you are committed to the full emotional experience of your integration. You’ve come a long way, my beautiful friend, but now you’re a little stuck, or a little lost, and you’re calling in the next guide on your fantastic journey to get you over this bump in the road.

If this is you, we need to meet.

Who is Ingrid?

My new friend, my name is Ingrid Turner, and I have many labels, but I am ultimately one all-focused being in service to people like you: the spiritual warriors on the front lines, elevating the consciousness of the planet one beautiful healing experience at a time. Some of the forms this work as taken is creating the Bhava Ministry, working as a channel and a psychic medium, writing books, and sharing the word of divine spirit.

Now it’s time for this new form: a focused, high-level, targeted program specifically for entrepreneurs that will get you through the last remnants of self sabotage.

“This lady right here is THE SHIT!”
Aaron N.

What to expect from this program.

This is an intense and fast-paced program – it’s designed for people who have already done a lot of clearing, healing, and dismantling.

This is a face-to-face, accountability heavy endeavor. You and I will meet twice a week for 4 weeks over zoom video.

Below you will find the program outline, but be aware that each person I work with is unique, and as such your experience could shift from what I have written here.

Click the “session” headings below for details.

“I can’t even express the massive changes that have happened in my life since saying yes!”Mary R.

Your first week.

Orientation: I want to know you deeply after this session.

We’ll define the focus of our work together.

We’ll begin journal work during this session.

Homework will be assigned.

We will go over the building blocks required for deep personal change: journaling, gratitude, grounding, meditation, exercise, diet.

If you don’t already have a daily practice, we’ll implement it today.

The second week.

Journal share.

Learn to differentiate your mental story from your triggers.

Continue journal assignment.

Journal share

Begin our Soulmatic Renewal work.

New journal assignment.

Week three.

Journal share.

Soulmatic Renewal work.

Journal assignment.

Journal share.

Soulmatic Renewal work.

Introduce energy healing work.

Journal assignment.

Week four – powerful wrap up.

Journal share.

Abundance journal share.

Soulmatic Renewal work.

Journal share

Recap and feedback.

Recommendation for ongoing work.

I honor you.

“Ingrid Turner is just amazing.”

“She has shown me a new way of being.”

“I love Ingrid’s ability to speak truth so clearly, in a way I understand.”Vicki R.
“Ingrid has provided a safe space, a sacred container with loving guidance and non judgment which has allowed me to be completely vulnerable and raw so that I could heal at the deepest level.”C. Best

Ready to change everything?

I believe in you. I believe in the work you are doing for humanity.

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“I highly, highly recommend this program. Commit and invest in yourself. You are worthy and you are worth it!”MR

Drawn to this work, but not sure?

No problem. I get it. It’s a big step. Let’s see if it’s the right one for you.
I invite you to book a free 30 minute clarity call with me to see if it’s a good fit.