Testimonial from Dr. Daanee

dr claire anne touchstone

When I first heard about Ingrid’s Past Life Regression workshop, I was skeptical.  Having been to “psychics” in the past who were only in it for the money, I was reticent to attend.  But I know Ingrid, and she has always been forthright and honest with me, so I decided to give the workshop a try.  Wow!  Was I in for a treat!!  First of all, I quieted my mind enough to go into this session with no expectations, but in search of a new experience, and Ingrid made me feel comfortable to do that.  Her calming presence, soothing voice, and tranquil environment all set the tone for a deep spiritual contact within my own psyche.  The guided meditation through the chakras, the actual time spent in my past life regression, and then returning to the present, were the most peaceful I have felt in months!  And Ingrid helped me to be in the moment with Spirit, in a loving space.  A wonderful experience!

Dr. Daanee
PhD. Educator, Los Angeles, CA