Testimonial from January Saxon

january pic croppedMy Nana came to me through Ingrid during a reading, and it was a profound experience. ┬áIngrid knew nothing about my Nana, and very little about my family in general, and yet she was able to pass along striking, personal details during the session. My Nana was a rock for me before she died, and I miss her terribly. She came to Ingrid at a very difficult time in my life, and was able to help me navigate some old, old family patterns. Ingrid told me that she is with me all the time, and sends me messages. Since that reading, I dream about her regularly. Having my Nana come through for me was unexpected, and just exactly perfect for what I was going through at the time. ┬áI whole heartedly recommend Ingrid as a medium – she has proven to be strikingly accurate, and extremely clear and kind in her delivery.

January Saxon, Los Angeles, CA June 2015