Testimonial from Kim Gayler

kim gayler pic

I was recently very fortunate to see Ingrid Turner for a full reading. Her demeanor is warm and attentive, and she put me immediately at ease. She first asked if I had a specific question or just wanted a general reading. Since I had a specific question, we started with that. During the main reading, she accurately picked up on details of how I was currently feeling about my situation, as well as my feelings in the recent past. I must say that she was able to clearly define certain emotions for me that I hadn’t shared with anyone, and it gave me a really fresh perspective. She also described other details of my life with accuracy. She then assessed how my situation would be if I made one choice, then another. Her assessments made sense to me. Then she continued with more focused readings (for example, how members of my family would be affected by my choices). She also made helpful suggestions on how to tune into my own intuition.

During the whole process, she had a positive, curious and non-judgmental attitude, which made it not only informative, but also enjoyable.

I highly recommend Ingrid Turner for Tarot card readings.

Kim Gayler, Los Angeles, CA April, 2015