Testimonial from Rocco Distefano

Rocco PicIngrid Turner is an exceptional spiritual medium. In the 8 months I have been working with her she has:

1. Helped me to reconnect with my spirit guide after traumatic events.
2. Channeled hundreds of bits of highly accurate information she couldn’t have possibly known about me.
3. Helped me to connect with and reconcile with my dead grandmother just after her passing.
4. Helped me to identify and validate trauma in my life that was holding me back from my true potential.
5. Displayed an outstanding reverence for both the Spirit and the Psychological Human Mind.
6. Helped me to learn to trust myself again.
7.. Shown me tremendous amounts of patience, compassion and respect.
8. Has been an invaluable friend and colleague.

When I first met Ingrid. I was moving through a confusing time. Even though I had a successful coaching business and was living what I thought was my life’s purpose I was in deep pain and I did not know why.

It was through our weekly sessions, where she would channel info from my spirit guide, that I began to discover that the source of my pain was coming from memories of an abusive childhood that I had blocked for my own survival. Now 8 months later I am equipped with the knowledge and tools from channeled exercises from her guide to move forward through the healing of this trauma. I am no longer afraid of my own feelings and I have access to a strength and hope I have never known. I believe that it is because of Ingrid’s preternatural gift of support that I was able to feel safe enough to unlock these feelings and memories. She is kind and genuine and present and professional. She begins nearly every session with “How may I be of service to you today.”

What I like most about Ingrid is that she does not kiss my ass in session like some so-called “psychics” do. I’ve never once felt like she was telling me what she thought I wanted to hear. She’s direct, and honest about what she’s channeling for me and (like some other “psychics”) I have never felt like she was taking me for granted either. That being said, If your looking for a “distraction” or something “fun to do with your friends” then you should hire a “fluffier” “psychic” not Ingrid. Ingrid is here to get serious healing done. If you are the kind of person who is really ready to make big change happen in your life then you are in the right place! If you are looking for a real spiritual coach who can help you go deep within then please consider booking a coaching package with Ingrid. This work will help you reawaken the best parts of yourself so the you can move onward with confidence and grace.

Thank you Ingrid for helping me get my life back!

Rocco Distefano, New York, NY