The Dance of the Twin Souls

I’ve seen so many headlines recently about Twin Flames. I don’t really resonate with the term “Twin Flame”; I prefer Twin Soul. At least, that’s how the concept was presented to me.

The “Twin Flame” articles I’ve been reading are about how to find your Twin Flame, and what a Twin Flame love looks and feels like, and what to expect in a Twin Flame love relationship. It is depicted as the greatest love story of all time that you must be “evolved enough” to experience, or a painful and transformative situation before it can turn into the true love we crave. The relationship is almost always described as a romantic/sexual one between a man and woman, and as being the only thing that can truly “complete” us, if we find ourselves worthy of that completion.

What I am about to share here are messages I channeled from my own twin more than a year ago. It’s taken me a while to put it out here, and I don’t know if that is because it feels so personal, or maybe the timing just wasn’t right and somewhere inside I knew that. But here we are. See if this resonates with you.

twin souls facesTwin Souls Defined

Your Twin Soul is the other half of you that is expressing the opposite gender energy. And right about here is where the pop-culture “Twin Flame” and the Twin Soul diverge.

We are all one; intellectually we understand this, and sometimes we receive the experience of truly knowing. Our Twin Soul is the closest “split” from us. When we broke from the Infinite, and started playing the game of the individual soul, our Twin is the soul that burst into existence with us. Your Twin and you began your physical existence together as a sort of foundation by which to remember the experience of physical love, as close to unconditional as you can get on this three dimensional plane, and have since separated as part of the experience of separation from divine source of which we are all a shining piece. So, Twin Soul love isn’t about being “evolved enough”, it’s actually about starting strong. As you continue your soul’s physical journey, you evolve alone.

There are some beautiful examples of Twin Soul love relationships in the media. Like this couple in New Hampshire, who met right at the beginning of their life, and are still happily together forty years later. Or this couple, who broke the Guinness World Record for longest marriage, and passed away only two years apart, at the same age of 105! There are actually plenty of lifetime marriages in the world, but a few like these make the media because we inherently know they are special relationships, because we remember our Twin Soul foundation lifetime.

twin souls kids beachThese loving couples are examples of souls experiencing the very start of their human journey, taking that first step of a thousand miles together. Their many, many other journeys in the physical world will mostly be taken alone, with a few drop-ins together for short bursts, to help one another in a special way that only one’s Twin can, or they’ll have a “vacation” and come together for a longer period of time to rest and support one another. And it will not always be romantic. We tend to glorify romance, because it is the closest thing to divine connection many will experience. But Twin Souls pop up in friendships too, like these best buds. Twin Souls are also parent/child relationships, sibling relationships, etc.

How Twin Souls Journey Together

twin souls leap frogOn a grand scale, the actions of the whole effect the life of the individual, and this is played out on a granular level between Twin Souls. One Twin is not always expressing the feminine, and one always expressing the masculine.
Twins switch back and forth expressing these energies, and carry into each new physical incarnation the soul memory of their own masculine and feminine experiences, as well as the experiences of the Twin! Our Twin is essentially doubling our progress because their experiences are our experiences, and when we experience, we remember, and when we remember, we awaken.

The first visual I received for this was two snakes criss-crossing and spiraling up a staff together – like our modern day symbol for medicine. The next visual I received was game of cosmic leapfrog, which made me laugh!

Identifying a Twin Soul Relationship

While your Twin Soul is expressing the opposite gender energy as you, this really has nothing to do with actual physical gender or sexuality. Clearly, it’s an easier life if we show up expressing the feminine in a female body, but that’s because our culture is so behind on the spiritual understanding of this awesome energy. So Twin Soul relationships can easily be between two people of the same physical gender, but one will express more feminine energy and one will express more masculine energy. Or, two people of the opposite gender, but they are expressing the opposite energy than their gender dictates. You get the idea.

A Twin Soul relationship comes in as many forms and with as many twists and turns and personalities as any other human/soul relationship. In addition to an intense attraction (sexual or not) to this human being, the key to identifying a Twin Soul relationship is an immediate sense of security with the other person. There isn’t a moment when you question their motives, intentions, thoughts about you or the relationship. You have no doubt from the first moment you find them how they are feeling about you. This is also largely true with a soul mate connection, but not quite as immediate and fundamental to the relationship. (A soul mate relationship is one that is with a close member of your soul tribe).

What a Twin Soul relationship is not is abusive. Their role is not to help you grow that way. A Twin Soul relationship may be difficult. It may be short lived and come to an end, but the ending will be the result of circumstances neither of you control. If you find yourself in a relationship that is abusive, don’t label the abuse as “transformative” and call it a Twin Flame relationship.

Connecting with Your Twin on the Other Side

Most of the time, we remain on opposite sides of the fence from our Twin, with one of us incarnated in a physical body, and the other in Spirit, because we’ve come here to experience ourselves, and ultimately, all those experiences must happen alone. But Twins are never truly apart.

Your Twin will come through for you the minute you set the intention. No way will your other half not come when they are called! Everyone connects to Spirit differently – some people energetically, via feelings, some visually, some by hearing, and some people receive messages more often in the physical world, by signs in their environment and synchronicities in their life. Really, your best bet is to send out an intention to meet and commune with your Twin, and let the Universe take care of the when and the how. After all, if your Twin is in a body, you don’t need to waste time trying to summon the Spirit!

I encountered a client’s Twin Soul during a channeled session once. The first thing I saw was a Spirit walking towards her. I described that man I was seeing, and she easily identified him as a far back relative she had stumbled upon and whom she felt extremely drawn to. She had taken to calling on him when she felt troubled. He kept walking toward her as she talked, and he kept saying loudly (almost yelling) I hear you! I hear your call! His role as her Twin Soul became clear as the session progressed. The moment she had called him, he was there, and was never going to leave her side (I’m getting chills while I write this!).

Wherever your Twin is – by your side or on the other side – know that you have a deep kindred spirit accessible to you. This Spirit can help lift you up, pull you through the darkness, send you an obscene amount of love, and make you laugh until you ache.

Have you connected with your Twin?

With so much love,


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