The Death of Christ

I did something very, very different (for me) this morning.  I went to church.  A bonafide, Christian-faith, small-town-mega-ish church.  And you know what?  It was a great experience!  I loved the energy, the kindness of the parishioners, the passion of the pastor, and the emotionally charged topic of the sermon: the death of Christ.

You have to know; I grew up a good Pagan girl.  Jesus was almost taboo in my household.  I have exactly zero experience with the Christian faith, and with church in general.  And yet, I have always felt drawn to Jesus, and I’ve had some riveting spiritual experiences with him.  So, I’ve been curious for a long time, and then just took the plunge to explore further, through the avenue of the Christian faith.  I do not consider myself a convert to Christianity.  It’s still a rather tight box for me to squeeze in to.  But at heart, I don’t see how I’m any different than the followers of the Christian faith at each side of me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Now that topic: woah.  I know, the death of Christ seems like a bummer of a way to start the day, doesn’t it?  And it wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t easy to hear about Jesus’ crucifixion.  The physical agony he must have suffered, and the deep shame that was bestowed upon him.  My little empath self just wanted to curl up and cry.

And yet, I was captivated, too.  While Jesus’ death may or may not be historically accurate, I cannot say, but some of the things the Pastor spoke about today went deep.

In summary:

Jesus suffered – because he loves us.  He chose to suffer, to wipe away our sins.

Side note: The root meaning of “sin” is simply “to miss the mark”.

So, to bring us back on track. Jesus chose to suffer, to get back on track.  If we see Jesus as the Son of God, and we see the Spirit of God in each of us, then Jesus is an archetype of our higher self, and it is our higher self that, when we are at our best, directs us.

So, after Jesus suffered, he was then reborn.  He returned “holding the keys to our death”.  He had traveled to Hell and back again, and now, sits in the Kingdom of God (which the Bible tells us is within us).

Gore and brutality aside, what we’re really talking about here is a spiritual awakening, and the path to that awakening that so many humans choose to take: through suffering.

I’ve mentioned this before too, and it’s worth mentioning again: the Latin root of the word PASSION means “to suffer”.

He suffered for our sins = he is passionate about helping us get back on track.

And what is our divine passion if not to experience the expansion from physical to divine.  For we are God in physical form, experiencing itself over and over.  And every experience is unique and divine.

Well, it blew my mind.  I’m going back next week, because he’s going to talk about Jesus’ resurrection, and you know me, Spirit talker over here must hear that!

When I had my spiritual awakening about 4 years ago, it fundamentally changed me.  I am a new person.  My looks are different.  My personality is different.  My beliefs are different.  I could no longer do the work I was doing.  I would go up and talk to someone I hadn’t seen since before I had my awakening, and they would not recognize me.  Some of these people I had worked with for nearly ten years!  It was wild.

Suffering in general has been rattling around a lot in my head, and it was wonderful to be able to connect the sermon this morning to such a profound spiritual Truth.

Spirit speaks to us in symbols.  Learn the language of symbolism, and the divine messages will reach you through any medium.

I just wanted to share that experience with you, because it was so uplifting, and FUN.  I encourage you to do things outside of your spiritual comfort zone, too.  And then I want you to tell me all about it!

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