The Different Ways We Connect with Spirit

There are countless ways by which we can connect with Divine Spirit, but I have found that people tend to be comfortable in one of three “buckets” – through our physical world, through our body and emotions, and conversationally.

Spirit connects with us through our environment with meaningful signs, synchronicities and symbols.  It’s seeing a bumper sticker with a tacky quote that perfectly addresses your current concerns.  It’s the lyrics of a song that feel like they’re just for you.  Overhearing a conversation between two strangers that is weirdly meaningful and synchronistic to your current experience.  Truly, anything in our physical world can and is used as a vehicle of communication, because you see, nothing around us is truly unique.  Every thought, creative venture, word, and action is pulled from the Akashic Records, which, in a nutshell, is like a giant filing system for the Universe, recording all that is, was, and ever will or could be.  And since Spirit is not confined by our notion of linear time, it’s a really good way to concretely send us a message – or bash us over the head with a proverbial two by four, depending on our individual stubbornity level.

The next logical place for Spirit to connect with us is through the body and emotions.  This is where the “I got a bad feeling about this” sentiment comes into play.  When you learn about intuition, this is commonly referred to as claircognizance – or clear-knowing.  This can also show up as debilitating nausea before you get on an airplane, only to find out that the same plane that you were supposed to be on crashed into the ocean.  Or meeting someone and getting “creeped out”.  This is also the bucket that empaths fall into, or clairsentience (clear-feeling) – these are the people who are so sensitive to the energies around them, it physically exhausts them or makes them sick.  In common nomenclature, we call these people introverts.  This is where introverts live.

And finally, we have the conversational bucket.  This is seeing, hearing, and channeling Spirit.  When you learn about intuition, these areas are called clairvoyance (clear-seeing), clairaudience (clear-hearing), and channeling and mediumship (communicating with spirits, either departed loved ones, guides, angels, etc.).

We all have some capability in all these areas, but most of us are strong in one or two areas.  It’s a strange fact that the areas we are strongest in will typically be the last place we look.  People who are highly clairvoyant – see images clearly – will miss the fact they are clairvoyant at all!  The images they are bombarded with on a regular basis are part of normal life, and they tune them out, thinking everyone sees them.

I’ve met so many gifted mediums who had no idea that the faces they routinely see, or the voices they routinely hear, weren’t normal.  Like, everyone sees that right?  So, from a young age, they just tune these beings out and carry on with life.

So, you see, it can take some practice to come back into alignment with your intuitive power center – how you most naturally connect with Spirit!

How do you find your intuitive power center?

I lifted a great technique from a mediumship class I took – the only one I took, actually!  I loved the class because it confirmed everything I had downloaded from Spirit over the last couple of years, and then gave me some good structure, like this meditation we’re about to do.  I had intuited already that we each have an intuitive power center, but I didn’t have a good method for people to find theirs.  Here’s the method I learned in this class (I took the class at the Sanctuary of Omni-Love).  Ready?  Good.

Start in a meditation position.  Either cross legged, in a chair, or even lying down is fine.

Start by taking three deep breaths.  Breath in slowly through your nose, filling your abdomen first with air.  Then out through your mouth, pressing the air out of your abdomen, then squeezing it out your lungs.

Three breaths help us line up our own spirit with Divine Spirit, clearing the path a little for communication.

Now, I want to you to visualize energy emanating from your head.  Let the energy out into the room, and see how far it goes.  Notice if it connects with anybody, or anything.  Notice any images or sensations, or colors.

Next, feel the energy start to pulsate out of your throat.  Again, see how far the energy travels.  Notice anything associated with that energy.

Now, feel the energy move out of your heart.  Again, notice.

And finally, feel the energy emerge from your abdomen.  How far does it go?  What do you feel?

The results:

If you had a lot of activity in your head, you’re clairvoyant, and a spirit medium.

If you had a lot of activity in your throat, you’re clairaudient.

If you had a lot of activity in your heart, you’re an empath, and a physical medium (can make Spirits corporeal).

If you had a lot of activity in your abdomen, you’re claircognizant (clear-knowing) and a physical medium.

And you can totally be more than one of those.

Cool, huh?

So, sound off – what are your results!

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