The Man and the Genie

the man and the genieThe genie said to the man:
‘I’ll grant you one wish!
What will it be?

I’ve made kings and Gods
And I alone
Made the most beautiful woman
The world has known.

I’ve ended hunger and plague;
I’ve won holy wars
And brought back the dead.

So what will it be, simple man?

What wish lies in the dark?
What is held so deeply within?

What is hidden from all you know?
That I alone can bring to light
And make more real than real?’

The man responded:

‘I have no dark wish, Genie,
Only darkness.

If you can banish my longing,
Nothing else I’ll ever need.

Genie, oh genie,
What I crave is this:

Let me know God!

Let me bathe in His glory,
Let me know His love.

Let me see Him wherever I go,
Let me be the one
To bestow His grace.

Let me awaken, Genie,
Into Spiritual ecstasy.

Let me be enlightened.

Let me
With God eternally.

This, oh Genie, is my greatest wish.’

Stillness within the quiet.

Genie looked at Man
And Man looked at genie.


‘Your wish’,
Genie finally said

‘Is my command.’

A bang, a blast!

Genie was gone
And Man stood alone.

And nothing had changed.

– Ingrid Turner


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