The Simple Way to Live in the Highest Self (or ‘Destiny’)

Before anything else, let me start this article the way it needs to: there is nothing wrong or bad about how you are living your life right now.

You are presenting one experience of all of the possible YOU experiences, and each experience is just as important and beautiful as any other, even if it’s uncomfortable as hell and hurts like a mofo. You are prisms on a crystal, exhibiting one side at a time. If you are satisfied with this side of the crystal, stayThe Easiest Way to Live in the Highest Self with it!

But, if you are done with your current expression, and you’re ready for a different, aligning experience, your destiny, here’s the secret: the job of living at your best, highest, happiest, most peaceful, fulfilled, enlightened, awake, conscious, spiritual, loving and loved, ascended master status is that it is no job at all.

There are just two ingredients required for material and spiritual actualization in this dimension: faith and patience.

The more you “do” in trying to “get to” living and expressing your highest self, the farther away it seems. Patience is the halfway point between the stopgaps of your mind and the flow of living in a stream of moment-to-moment faith. Sit in patience while you bulk up those faith muscles.

Faith is the critical ingredient to self-actualization. The more faith you have, the less patience you need, but the more patience you have, the more your faith solidifies

If you don’t like the word “faith”, you can replace it with “surrender” or “acceptance” or “trust”. Whatever form helps bolster the concept, it doesn’t matter. Language is just another container, so choose the one you think is prettiest and suits your style. I’ll keep the “faith” container for illustrative purposes.

Faith is defined as complete trust and confidence in someone or something.   What happens when you trust a person completely? You let go of the need to control their actions, or understand every step of that person’s process. You have no doubt in their abilities, and you believe that the results of their activities will be excellent, and include your best interest. When you have faith in a person, you let that person go.

Most of us don’t have that level of trust in an unknown element, and, to most of us, our highest expression, the ultimate gift from the Universe, is no longer truly known to us.

But here’s the amazing piece: accessing your highest expression by developing faith in yourself and the benevolence of the Universe is as easy as two freaking minutes a day.

Set a timer for two minutes. Sit, lie down, stand, whatever, and sink into belief. Just for two minutes! You don’t have to believe a thing any other minute of the day.

But for two minutes, believe in it all.

Believe in you.

Believe you are what you want be.

Believe you are whole.

Believe you are happy.

Believe you are loved.

Believe what you want to believe.




And then let it go, and go on living your life however you need to live it for the rest of the day.  Over time (usually a short amount), you will unwittingly spend more and more of your day in faith: believing in you.

The results of this practice can, initially, be overwhelming. Area of your life may suddenly fall to pieces. You’ll start to lose people, things, and circumstances that do not serve your highest expression. This can be scary. This can hurt. This can derail you. But keep the faith: those things that do serve you will replace these quickly, and it’ll be way beyond what you’ve dreamed up in the past! If you’re being derailed, you’re supposed to be derailed. Revel in it, because it is a strong message that wonderful things are coming to you!

Remember, the form of your highest expression, or what you and your environment look like in your highest expression, is not your job. Your job is faith. The Universe that you trust for those two minutes a day will generate the most unexpected and delightful packages for you! You’ll know it when you see it. Actually, you’ll know it when you feel it!

Operating this way on faith and patience will unravel your fears, judgments, anger, resentments, and any other blocks you have running, and bring you effortlessly into your best, highest, happiest, most peaceful, fulfilled, enlightened, awake, conscious, spiritual, loving and loved, ascended master expression.

That is a promise, love.

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