Transformation can be transmitted

For teachers, psychics, healers, and guides, here’s a fun download for you:

Transformation can be transmitted.

If you’ve been mixing a few personal ingredients together for a while, you develop the unconscious and spiritual ability to transmit transformative energy to another person – a student, client, or even a friend, or your own teacher.

The ingredients you need to develop this skill are healing of self, and desire to help and heal others.

There are a few of rules, too:

First rule: it doesn’t work when you try to do it.

When you try to transmit or elicit transformation in another human, you’re putting yourself on a pedestal that doesn’t exist. You’re making yourself higher, better, more evolved than the person you work with. That’s just bullshit. If anything, put the person you work with on a pedestal. They are the ones seeking their highest expansion, and they believe in this moment, that YOU are the channel for which they reveal the next layer of their spirit. So, no. You ain’t better than the person you work with.

Second rule: the recipient must give permission for this transmission to occur.

However, that doesn’t mean they give CONSCIOUS permission. If you’re unconsciously transmitting transformation to the person, they may be unconsciously accepting that energy, because subconsciously they are asking for the next level, the next layer to be revealed, and yet, consciously, this can throw a person into a tailspin!

That tailspin can cause backlash. Painful backlash for both parties. When we say a person isn’t “ready” for the transformation, that’s not exactly the case. They are having a disagreement between their comfort and their highest expression. This is hard, man! We’ve all been there. Remember, we always draw in to us what we desire. The path to that desire is not up to us.

If they need to throw out some blame and anger and pain, it’s because they need to ease the pressure buildup between these two points within themselves. If you’re the one who transmitted that transformation, you’re likely the unfortunate target. And that is often how the transmission process comes full circle: now you are on the receiving end of the transformation transmission!

Nothing brings us into our humanity faster than the shaming and blaming from a fellow human.

Third rule: the transformation can only happen to the degree that you yourself have transformed through healing of your own mind, body, and spirit.

Whatever the experience of the other, is your own experience. You can’t transmit energy to expand a person beyond you. You match, and you grow. You match, and you grow.

The student/teacher relationship isn’t about me big, you small. It isn’t about me right, you wrong. It isn’t about me better, you worse. It isn’t about me know, you don’t.

The teacher/student relationship is cyclical. A person is drawn to work with you because they are on the cusp of expanding their energy to where yours resides. When their energy expands to that point, one of two things happens: they move on from you, or you expand, too.

If a person you are working with moves on, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because you’ve become stagnant. It can be that you’ve simply moved in another direction, or they have. A time and a season, is all. You know which is the case. When asking yourself this question, sink below your fear, and find the knowing.

Your student, or client, or sitter, is YOUR teacher as much as you are theirs – sometimes more. Don’t intellectualize this. Feel this. Let it sink in to your heart, so your god-self can incorporate this into your physical experience completely.

Bless you, teacher. Bless you, healer. Bless you, reader. Bless you, client. Bless you, student. Bless you, sitter. The work we do for each other is layered, and rich, and real.

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