Treat yourself to the moment

treat yourself to the momentGod’s gift to you is peace…but it can only be found in the moment. So set a timer for one minute, five minutes, or twenty, and treat yourself to the moment until that timer dings! Go on. You’re worth it.

The only reality we have in this body is the moment you are in NOW. No…NOW. NOW! (Okay, I’m done.) 🙂

This right here is our dimension out of countless others. When we remember, we travel with our consciousness to another dimension: yes, one that we did pass through; but it is no longer relevant to our life; it no longer exists for us.

When we imagine a future, we create that future and we travel to that dimension with our consciousness. But whether we actually pass through to that place at some other moment all depends on this moment.

This moment is where we live, breath, create, and define. There is no sadness in your moment. There is no pain, no grief, no fear, and no worries. Your moment is perfect. Your moment is peace. Your moment is the gift.

Why would you not treat yourself to your God Given right to this blissful existence just once a day?

A few ways to get to the moment

We’ve been conditioned from an early age to worry about the future or feel depressed about the past. So we spend most of our time in one of those places or another. Personally, I’m a future tripper, lugging tremendous baggage from the past, searing past the present in a blaze of anxiety.

But, I am determined to spend some amount of time in the bliss of the moment every day, with no expectation that I need to stay there if I don’t want to. This is my treat, and after which, I get go to back to the future or the past, or wherever my conditioning tells me I deserve to be most miserable. But every day, for just a few minutes, I revel in God’s gift of peace, here…now…

Here are some techniques I use to get me there.


Take a complete breath. I don’t mean as big a breath as you can all up in your chest: I mean a complete breath, drawing the air all the way in, and filling your abdomen first and then your chest. Release that breath slowly, and feel the air leave your chest and finally squeeze it out of your abdomen.

This breath will be familiar to you if you’ve ever taken a Yoga or meditation class. My friend and mentor at Truth in Hand calls this the Breath of Love. My Martial Arts teacher at the Hikari Ryuza Center calls it the Yogi Breath.

Our breath is how we control Pranic energy: our life force, and it does it by bringing us into the moment.

Take three of these complete breaths, and allow yourself to sink. Focus completely on that breath drawing in, and easing out. Just do this three times. Feel the bliss?

Look for the eye

There is a small black dot that you can rest your consciousness on when you close your eyes. Let this dot emerge, and watch it. Don’t try to control it. Don’t worry about it. Don’t get your eyes checked. Just watch. Sink. Peace.


Slowly, slowly trace your fingers along your face. Feel every inch from every angle. What does your finger feel like on your face? What does the texture of your face feel like on the your finger? How much detail can you feel from the slow drag across? Isn’t the face so remarkably smooth and different from the rough edges of everyday life?

Feel every piece in this moment. Feel every peace in this moment.


Paint, draw, write, dance…with no expectation or desire behind it except the pure joy of the thing. Every brush stroke, pencil whisper, typewriter click or sweep of the foot happens now, in bliss and beauty, with Creation.

Are you a Moment Practitioner?  How do you bring yourself in?

With love,


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