Vedic Astrology Basics Intensive

4 week intensive | Live classes online | Saturdays, 11am PST | Begin Feb 15 2020 | $195

Learn the foundations of Vedic astrology in this dynamic intensive with Ingrid Turner.

Vedic Astrology houses the secrets of ancient Hindus divination.

You know, when I look at a western astrology chart with the criss-crosses and zig-zags of colorful lines, I feel dizzy.

But a Vedic chart always made sense to me (the North Indian one, anyway). The connection I feel to Vedic astrology must be a throwback from another lifetime, or Karma, perhaps, to be lived out through me.

Whatever, it just clicks.

But I know it doesn’t for many. So for these 4 weeks, I’m going to put my gift for teaching to more technical use than normal, and help you understand the fundamental mysteries of Vedic astrology.

By the end of this course, you will be able to read a Vedic astrology chart and blow the socks off your friends who give up their birth info.

Course Takeaways

  • Understand North Indian Vedic chart layout
  • Overview of the houses in a Vedic astrology chart
  • Overview of the planets and nodes
  • Zodiac signs and how they color a house and a planet
  • Mahadasha’s and predictive astrology


Feb 15th – Class 1: Learn the North Indian Vedic chart layout and houses

A Vedic astrology chart looks completely different than what you’re used to. This class will help you understand the layout, and we’ll go through each house in the chart and what it means.

Feb 22nd – Class 2: Planets and Nodes

We’ll go over the planets and nodes used in Vedic astrology.

Feb 29th – Zodiac Signs in a House and on a Planet

We’ll go over the 12 zodiac sign energies and talk about how they might color a house and/or a planet.

Feb 8th – Class 4: Mahadashas and Predictive Astrology

Vedic astrology is one of the best tools for predictions because of its unique mahadasha system. Learn how to determine what a person will experience during a mahadasha.

Is This a Full Body Yes?

Check in with your body. Ask yourself if this feels in alignment with your heart’s desires. Don’t worry about where it could lead to. What is your body telling you right now?

I invite you to join our community for this 4-week intensive so you can deeply understand Vedic astrology technically and intuitively.

4-week for $195.

I’m really looking forward to this, beautiful.



Ingrid Turner is a mystic, entrepreneur, author, dynamic leader, teacher, poet, artist, and mother. She is the founder of the Bhava Spiritual Mission.

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Soul Food

This was the most beautiful transformational experience of my life working with Ingrid and the rest of the Bhava group. I am forever grateful and honored to have been a part of this. My life will never be like it was before and I a, so blessed for that.  Never enough words to say thank you! 

Celeste S., Switzerland