What is Spirit?

In my work, I use the term “Spirit” because it is how I best interface with what I receive. Personally, I interact with spiritual beings, loved ones, and energies in this dimension and in other dimensions. You can easily describe the experience as angel communications, energy reading, the higher self, universal energies, God, or any other What is Spiritpermutation that feels right. The label we apply to the experience is secondary: the experience itself, however, is profound and life changing.

Whatever container feels great to you, that’s the one that Spirit means to communicate through for YOU. There are as many containers as your imagination can come up with, and I would like to identify just a few here to get you started.

How Spirit Might Show Up for You (or Might Not)

Earth, Animals, and our Physical World

Our physical existence is made up of exactly the same stuff as Spirit energy. So naturally, Spirit will use your body, your environment, the Earth and animal symbolism to connect and communication with you. Animal totems particularly are strong on every culture around the world.

Spirit will also draw your attention to things in your physical world to answer your questions and provide comfort. Overhearing a conversation; a meaningful song on the radio; a rock in a shape that resonates with you; a slogan on a billboard that is perfect for your situation it makes you burst out laughing.

Beings, Guides, Angels, and Gods

Gods of the ancient world are Spirit guides, repurposed for an entire culture. Imagine how strongly that guide showed up for the first person he or she appeared to, that it permeated across an entire culture.

Angels are Christianity’s depiction of these spirit beings who have shown up for humanity since the dawn of time.

Loved ones who have crossed over are also ways to access Spirit, and sometimes, loved ones double as a personal spirit guide.

What are commonly referred to as “ascended masters” are also beings you can speak to and see: the spirit of Jesus, Buddha, Mary, or Yogananda can and will be present for you when you need it.

Energy, The Universe, the Collective Consciousness

Spirit is truly omnipresent, showing up in whatever form we can best associate with to get the message. Sometimes, no form is necessary. You can tap into energy around us and just feel it, or just “know”.

There are an infinite number of ways that Spirit will connect with you, and this is a tiny list of examples. Play with the energy, ask questions and be totally open to how you might receive the answer from Divine Spirit.

Learn how to connect with Divine Spirit yourself. 

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