Why is your intuition “wrong”?

Well, in short, it’s not.

But sometimes we follow our intuition, and it doesn’t turn out AT ALL like we thought it was going to. Then we think “oh, well, my intuition was wrong.” Nope. It’s your mind that screwed it all up.

Even when it doesn’t turn out like you think it will, follow your intuition anyway. Because it is always leading you in the direction of your highest self. Always. It is leading you to the experiences you need to have in order to live in your authenticity.

Watch the video below for more on allowing your intuition to drive.

Oh, and there’s a little tidbit about Halloween in here, too. Of course!

Happy Halloween, loves!

If you need some guidance on developing and learning to trust your intuition, I’m your gurl.  This is my program.

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