Why Prince (and others) are going home this year

sux of cupsToday, I drew the six of cups and the five of cups together. I didn’t have an immediate strong intuitive hit on what that meant for us today, so I was holding off on posting it until it came clear. Then…our Prince went home today, and bam! I got it for us.

The six of cups is a card of nostalgia, memories, reminiscing, happy times of our youth, or, maybe not so happy. But these are memories that shape us in some way. The five of cups is the grief card. It’s thatfive of cups hollow place of loss we find ourselves sucked into when a shocking tragedy occurs, such as the death of a loved one.

Prince’s passing reverberates through the generations, as did the passing of other icons who have gone home this year. That is because they came to this planet, in that body, with the grand soul mission to help elevate the energy of this dimension, so that we, the ones to follow, have the opportunity to chart a course to the next enlightened age. These icons of ours…they didn’t just challenge the status quo: they grabbed it by the lapel and threw it on its head! And by doing so, through their creative vision, bravery, and insistence on crushing the mediocre, they gave us permission to do it too. Their lives affect every generation from here out. The soul work they accomplished reverberates through time and space, vibrating a little within each of our hearts, touching our divine center and helping us activate our own expression….if we choose. It’s always a choice.

They’re starting to go home now, because they’ve accomplished what they came here to do: their part in raising the vibration of our planet is finished. The torch has been passed to you and me.

Grief is natural and human. Do grieve. But let’s also give thanks for their soul’s part in the massive energetic shifts that are taking place all around us. And send blessings and wishes for their swift journey back to grace.

You magnificent souls, you human beings…thank you for your part. We got this now.

Are you feeling the energies?  Spirit can help you navigate this. 

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