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A bit of love from my clients

Rocco Pic“Ingrid Turner is an exceptional spiritual medium. In the 8 months I have been working with her she has helped me to reconnect with my spirit guide after traumatic events, channeled hundreds of bits of highly accurate information she couldn’t have possibly known about me, helped me to connect with and reconcile with my dead grandmother just after her passing.” Read more >

Rocco D., New York, NY

stevie wilson“I am part of a group where Ingrid is admin. She was doing single tarot card readings online for anyone who wanted them. I asked for a single card reading – and I wondered about what information would come. Ingrid’s reading not only was a bullseye on me, there was advice to the solution I was (and am) still implementing. Here’s the interesting part, she used a distinctive name for me in the ‘message’.” Read more >

Stevie W., Los Angeles, CA

lisa fb profile pic“Ingrid’s work offers powerful insight and real impact for positive change, direction and growth. It is offered with a clear eye, compassionate heart and wisdom far beyond her years, which confirms she is tapping in to so much more than just personal experience.” Read more >

Lisa G., Los Angeles, CA

kim gayler pic“I was recently very fortunate to see Ingrid Turner for a reading. Her demeanor is warm and attentive, and she put me immediately at ease… During the main reading, she accurately picked up on details of how I was currently feeling about my situation, as well as my feelings in the recent past.” Read more >

Kim G., Los Angeles, CA

january pic cropped“My Nana came to me through Ingrid, and it was a profound experience. Ingrid knew nothing about my Nana, and very little about my family in general, and yet she was able to pass along striking, personal details during the session.” Read more >

January T., Los Angeles, CA

ian mirros pic“My reading with Ingrid was intriguing, to say the least.  As the months rolled on from when she gave me a full reading, 97% of what she predicted for me has come true…” Read more >

Ian M., Charleston, SC

shizumi pic“Ingrid is a multi-talented person with lot’s of energy and a consistent passion to help others illuminate their life in a spiritual way. Each time she has done a reading for me, it has been poignant and applicable to what was going on in my life. I would highly recommend Ingrid’s insightful services to anyone seeking to gain clarity or develop a deeper spiritual nature.”

Shizumi C., Penn Valley, CA

dr claire anne touchstone

“I had the pleasure of spending time with Ingrid in a loving and peaceful environment on the day that she made contact with my Spirit Guide. Ingrid has a genuine gift and one can tell she is coming from a good place of love, with a special gift to feel the presence of Spirit…” Read more >

Dr. Daanee T., Los Angeles, CA

Dana pic“I am thankful for Ingrid’s intuitive insight- and for her ability to be completely without judgement. She has a huge open heart and a gifted capacity for intuitive vision. She has both love and wisdom. Let her help you find your way.”

Dana Lynne A., Portland, OR

“The reading Ingrid gave me was very helpful. It confirmed some things for me and surprised me with other information. It helped me to relax and open myself up to allow things to enter my life. I trust that part of my life more, and it has helped me to resist trying to control it. I would love to do it again sometime. Thank you again.”

Richard G. Los Angeles, CA

“After experiencing a reading with Ingrid Turner so many questions had been made clear to me in a very safe and natural way. It was a new experience for me to have a medium channel my spirit guide…” Read more >

Tamara G., United Kingdom

“I am 65 and have gone to a few people for readings of cards, past lives, info on soul groups and more. This woman is the most informative person I have seen. She gets straight to the point and doesn’t filter any information through her own views or personality. All info I received was completely accurate. She has a kindness that comes straight from her heart. She has a direct contact with her guides and your guides. Looking forward to seeing her again.”

Joy W. Nevada City, CA

“Ingrid is down to earth, sensitive, and intelligent. I loved my reading with her (though it was emotional).”

Ayse T. Nevada City, CA

“After the reading, I really feel very humble. You opened my mind to a new world. I am still amazed at the beautiful session we had.  Thank you again! I am overwhelmed, happy…so many emotions and more than anything, a sense of peace. Thank you a million times. I am so grateful to you. It has been a wonderful experience.  Still digesting everything. Certainly my world has changed.”

Tonia, Bakersfield, CA

“Thank you for pushing, Ingrid. I just met with my soon-to-be business partner.  The collaborative creativity and future endaevor is going to be amazing.  You were the catalyst to make me stop and see that my fear is what is now going to turn into my success!”

Melanie A. Westpor, MA