Your God self is physically located in your heart

“Listen, listen, listen to my heart song.
Listen, listen, listen to my heart song.
I will never forget thee, I will never forsake thee.
I will never forget thee, I will never forsake thee.”

That’s the song that started looping in my head this morning. It’s a devotional chant from Paramahansa Yogananda. I learned it when I was a kid. I always understood from the perspective of Human to God – today, I understand it as God to Human.

Spirit asks you to listen today. Listen to your heart song, because that’s the song of the divine, residing inside your physical body. Your heart is where God sits inside of you, so when you follow the siren song of your hearts desire, you cannot screw it up!

Spirit asks that we listen. And try to hear. If you can’t hear spirit right now, that’s okay. Listen anyway. And Spirit will make sure that the right people or circumstances come into your life to give you answers and the direction you need.

Whatever container you want to put the divine in – Spirit, God, Universe, Consciousness, source…doesn’t matter. Know that the divine energy is within you, without you, and surrounding you in infinite, unending, inexhaustible love.

Feel into your heart for a minute right now. Do you feel that? Did you smile? Welcome home.

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  1. This is an inspiring different way to tune into this chant. I remember you from years ago. A friend told me to look up your website. Thank you for bringing more spiritual light into this world. Blessings, Laura

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