Your Life Purpose: The Package for Your Authentic Self

Ah! Let’s talk your life purpose! Your Destiny! Feels so good, doesn’t it?

What do you think about when you read or hear those terms? Your dream job? Something you’re famous for? Do you fantasize about fortune and notoriety? I do. 🙂

Most of my life, when I thought about “life purpose”, I thought about a dream career. Whatever was going to make me rich and notorious, that must be my life purpose.

But does your career, or even your public facing personhood, really have anything to do with your life purpose? In our culture, that’s a big yes for most of us, because we live in a society that is very outward focused and driven. For better or worse, results are measured in terms of wealth and fame. But in a bigger, cosmic sense, smooshing your life purpose into a career seems awfully limiting.

How, then, do I really define “life purpose”?

I always want to toss the term “life purpose”, because it’s just so damn cliché and overused. But it’s one of those concepts that are just too easy; because it’s what most of us know and can follow. Like the concept of linear time.

But let’s toss it anyway. Because we like toppling the status quo, don’t we? How about we replace the term “life purpose” with “highest expression” for a moment.

Now let’s define our new term:

Your highest expression means living in your most authentic and spiritual self. Living from your highest expression means you have access to all of your innate, divine gifts, and you have the inclination and the ability to use those gifts for the benefit of yourself, your tribe, and the globe.

The Package for Your Authentic SelfNow back to life purpose. I would re-define this as how you choose put those gifts to use in the world. It’s the form we give the formless.

Here’s how I put it together for myself: my highest expression is a clear, open connection with Spirit, with the divine, with the collective unconscious. When I am fully present in my highest expression, I radiate joy, empathy, happiness, gratitude, and fiery excitement!

My life purpose is the way in which I choose to offer and use the gift of my highest expression: I offer these gifts to you as a spiritual medium and guide.

My highest expression continues to evolve as I reach pinnacle after pinnacle. It’s a glorious, never-ending journey: an enlightened lifestyle I get to choose to follow in this physical existence.

The life purpose that I craft will continue to evolve, too, as I “become” my most authentic self over and over again over the rest of my life.

When you connect with your authentic being, and then move toward crafting your life purpose, the energy you emit immediately ramps up. You’ll have increased energy yet decreased anxiety. Obstacles that once felt insurmountable will veritably melt away, and you’ll attract abundance to you like a giant magnet. You will exude happiness, gratitude, and acceptance. You’ll find yourself operating from an intuitive, feeling place, which will give you courage to step way out of your comfort zone. Maybe the most powerful change you will see in yourself is the sincere desire to empower others.

Your life purpose is just the pretty packaging you are using to hold your highest expression, your authentic, spiritual self. Everything becomes a blessing now.

Are you living in your highest expression? Did you define your purpose? Do you need help?  Tell me, tell me!

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  1. Good point! I love both terms! Purpose sounds very intentional, which it is more tangible. My mind accepts it and gets it. I do believe I am walking in my purpose when I am expressing myself fully!

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